Monday, October 30, 2006

Couple Brings Oranic Manuka Honey to Canada

Honey's Healing Powers
Karen Gram, Vancouver Sun (Canada), 10/30/2006

Catherine and Sebastian Martin are brainstorming. They need a good name for their newest product.

The Chemainus-based husband and wife team are the only Canadian distributors of organic manuka honey, a honey rich in antibacterial properties that has been shown to heal infections, prevent the spread of the super-bug MRSA in hospitals, heal ulcers and even fight gingivitis…

Manuka honey is almost unknown in North America, but it was a common ancient remedy that was rediscovered in the 1990s. It has become a well-known household remedy in England, France, Japan, Australia and New Zealand -- people slurp a teaspoon whenever they feel a sore throat coming on. They spread it on their kids' scraped knees. They eat it to control ulcers by preventing the build up of H-pylori in their guts. They use it for acid reflux. It's also touted for healing leg ulcers on people with diabetes.

Medical researchers are showing an interest in the honey's antiseptic properties because of the prevalence of antibiotic-resistant super bugs. Researchers have found some honeys, especially manuka honey, effectively prevent the growth of MRSA, a nasty super bug that has invaded hospitals throughout the West…

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