Sunday, August 17, 2008

Honey Has ‘Protective Role’ Against Postoperative Adhesions

Effect of Honey on Intestinal Morphology, Intraabdominal Adhesions and Anastomotic Healing
Phytotherapy Research, Published Online: 11 Aug 2008

Abstract: In the present study, attempts have been made to determine the effects of honey on intestinal morphology, postoperative adhesions, and the healing of colonic anastomoses in the rats after colonic resection and anastomosis…

Adhesion scores, bursting pressures and histopathological examinations were evaluated. Colonic bursting pressures of honey group were significantly better than control and artificial honey groups. Histological analysis of anastomotic site showed that submucosa and muscularis propria were nearly filled with granulation tissue and regular fibrin matrix in honey group. There was statistically significant difference between the adhesion scores of honey vs artificial honey and control groups. The scores of histological changes of ileum in honey group were significantly different from other groups.

These results indicate a protective role of honey against intraabdominal adhesions and anastomotic dehiscence.

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