Saturday, August 02, 2008

Propolis Flavonoids ‘Can Improve Growth in Young Calves’

Growth, Weaning Performance and Blood Indicators of Humoral Immunity in Holstein Calves Fed Supplemental Flavonoids
Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, Volume 92 Issue 4, Pages 456 - 462

ABSTRACT: The primary objective was to test the hypothesis that flavonoids mediate immune response and affect calf performance…

Calves received the treatments as a tablet until weaning or a daily intake of 680 g starter. After weaning, calves received no supplemental flavonoids and monitored until 120 days of age. The flavonoids were extracted from propolis...

Results suggest that flavonoids affect the humoral immune response and can improve growth in young calves. This response depended on calf age. Future studies are needed to further evaluate the premise that dietary forages or the main source of flavonoids are helpful for a less stressful weaning in the modern calf raising.

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