Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Propolis Improves Production, Egg Quality in Laying Hens

The Effects of Dietary Turkish Propolis and Vitamin C on Performance, Digestibility, Egg Production and Egg Quality in Laying Hens Under Different Environmental Temperatures
Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci, Vol. 21 No. 8:1164, August 2008

In this study, the effects of propolis and vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) supplementation in diets were investigated on feed intake (FI), body weight (BW), body weight gain (BWG), feed conversion rate (FCR) and digestibility and on egg production and qualities (weight, mortality, shell thickness) in laying hens exposed to heat stress…

In conclusion, dietary supplementation of laying hens with anti-oxidants (vitamin C and propolis) can attenuate heat stress-induced oxidative damage. These positive effects were evidenced by increased growth performance and digestibility, improvement of egg shell thickness and egg weight in comparison to non-supplemented birds. Moreover, supplementation with propolis (5 g/kg diet) was the most efficient treatment.

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