Monday, April 27, 2009

Bee Pollen Recommended for Hay Fever

Top Tips to Tackle Spring Hayfever Misery
Daily Record (Scotland), 4/27/2009

Hayfever and its debilitating symptoms - from itchy eyes and a runny nose to congestion and wheeziness - brings misery to millions every year.

Many people are already suffering this spring as the trees release their pollen, although the majority of sufferers (around 95 per cent) will be affected by the release of grass pollen in May.

The symptoms are caused by histamines - substances the body produces in response to allergic reactions - which is why doctors usually recommend antihistamine medication…

Natural boosters

Apibal Freeze-Cracked Bee Pollen, which contains an extract of pollen, also aims to boost immunity and counter symptoms.

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