Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ethiopia 4th Largest Producer of Beeswax

Ethiopia: Land of Wax And Honey - Invest in Apiculture
All Africa, 4/15/2009

Ethiopia is Africa's leading producer of honey and the 4th largest producer of beeswax in the world. Beekeeping has been practiced in the region for centuries but the sector is still underdeveloped as small scale farmers often lack access to modern hives and international markets…

The diversity of Ethiopian flora ensures an adequate supply of bee forage at different times of the year. Varied climatic and ecological conditions mean that Ethiopia can sustain large numbers of bee colonies (it reportedly already has the largest bee population in Africa). The relatively low start-up costs also make this an attractive sector in which to invest.

There are numerous opportunities to invest in apiculture in Ethiopia. These include the introduction of methods to improve production and apiary management, processing of honey and beeswax and the further development of the export market for these products. Bee by-products are used not only in food but also in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Internationally the main importers of honey are the European Union, USA and Japan.

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