Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Zealand Manuka Honey Producer Gets Help from U.S. Students

Students Work with Foreign Company
Mariela Contreras, The Daily Aztec, 4/16/2009

Students in the International Business Opportunity Development Project are working with the New Zealand company Watson and Son. The company is a main producer of Manuka honey in the U.S.

San Diego State international entrepreneurship students are working on an International Business Opportunities Development Project in which the students’ main goal is to manage a plan for a specific company’s entry into the United State’s Market.

With the guidance of Martina Musteen, Ph.D., assistant professor at SDSU and winner of the 2008 Olympus Emerging Educational Leader Award, entrepreneur students have been given the choice to work with companies from New Zealand, South Africa, Germany, Slovakia, Chile and Jordan.

Watson & Son “was definitely one of the most desired by the students. It is an exciting young company from New Zealand,” Musteen said.

This New Zealand company is the main producer and distributor of manuka honey in the United States. Students are working on a plan in which they must provide ways to promote Watson & Son all over the country....

Watson & Son Company primarily focuses on the production of manuka honey. This unique honey is only found in New Zealand and its properties help fight wounds including diabetic ulcers.

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