Saturday, June 13, 2009

Author Seeks Success Stories for Book on Health Benefits of Honey

My name is Kirsten Traynor. I have completed a book on the medicinal benefits of honey based on scientific research. The book is written for the general public. To give the book a personal side, I wanted to include stories of successful honey treatments for a variety of ailments. The name(s) of the patient(s) would be changed for anonymity.

If you have a story of healing a disease or ailment with honey and would like to share your story, please contact me at I am especially interested in treatments of dry eyes, cataracts, burns, pollen allergies, skin diseases, wounds, diabetic ulcers, bowel troubles, and the treatment of pets or animals.

The goal is to have a large publishing house pick up the book for widespread distribution. It is especially critical to spread information on the myriad benefits of honey amongst the general public. I greatly appreciate your help and time. If you care to share your story with me, send me an email with your telephone number and a good time to call. I am able to call anywhere in the United States, Canada, Mexico or Western Europe, so long as you provide a land line telephone number.

Thank you,
Kirsten Traynor
Humboldt Scholar

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