Saturday, June 27, 2009

Plant Source of Brazilian Green Propolis Shows Antileishmanial Activity

In Vitro Antileishmanial, Antiplasmodial and Cytotoxic Activities of Phenolics and Triterpenoids from Baccharis dracunculifolia DC (Asteraceae)
Fitoterapia, 2009 Jun 17

Baccharis dracunculifolia (Asteraceae), the most important plant source of the Brazilian green propolis (GPE), displayed in vitro activity against Leishmania donovani, with an IC(50) value of 45 microg/mL, while GPE presented an IC(50) value of 49 microg/mL. Among the isolated compounds of B. dracunculifolia, ursolic acid, and hautriwaic acid lactone showed IC(50) values of 3.7 microg/mL and 7.0 microg/mL, respectively. Uvaol, acacetin, and ermanin displayed moderate antileishmanial activity.

Regarding the antiplasmodial assay against Plasmodium falciparum, BdE and GPE gave similar IC(50) values (about 20 microg/mL), while Hautriwaic acid lactone led to an IC(50) value of 0.8 microg/mL (D6 clone).

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