Monday, June 29, 2009

Unrefined Beeswax Key Ingredient in Skin Care Line

Di Minds Her Own Beeswax
The Daily (Australia), 6/27/2009

Imagine running a business where your primary source of production is beeswax, yet you are allergic to bees.

For Di Elliott, that's a reality she gladly lives with because the alternative is unconscionable.

The 58-year-old operates Essdale Park Australia at Kilkivan, about an hour-and-a-half north of the Sunshine Coast.

There she makes organic, naturally-derived skincare products from a combination of beeswax, lavender and essential oils that help with various skin conditions…

Soon after, Di started introducing the products she had initially only been making for herself and her family to the farm, where they proved very popular with guests.

At one stage, they had 26 products on the go - using their very own lavender and beeswax.

“We kept getting these amazing reports (about our products),” Di said.

Intrigued about the feedback, Di began to investigate her products further and found that the “miracle” ingredient was actually the beeswax, which was also produced on-farm.

What makes the beeswax even more beneficial, Di believes, is its unrefined form - something that is not available to most manufacturers.

“Our bees take their richness from our Aussie bush and botanical plants,” she said.

“We know where they obtain their pollen from and this makes our product unique - sourced directly from our own farm.

“You can smell the difference.”…


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