Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bulgarian Scientists Invent Device to Monitor Status of Bee Hives

Bulgarian Scientists Invent Unique Device Expected to Provide Explanation for Bees’ Disappearance
Radio Bulgaria, 6/3/2009

…According to a survey of British researchers from 60 to 90% of bees in USA have disappeared, and the percentage is 40% for Canada. The problem has spread to West Europe as well.

Prof. Nikolay Simeonov from the Sofia Apiculture Union, says that there are only few cases in Bulgaria, but there is no reason to neglect the problem. A team of Bulgarian scientists has developed a system for monitoring bees and their environment. For the purpose, special devices with sensors should be installed directly into beehives...

Via a remote control the beekeeper will be able to monitor data inputs from different hives. The device will report on honey making, diseases and contamination with herbicides, on temperature, humidity and noise levels. Besides, this system provides effective ways of ecological monitoring. Data will be recorded for 20 years, so as to capture relevant trends…

In this ways bees can be used to judge about environmental pollution, Prof. Simeonov adds:

A normal bee colony during the active season numbers 30 to 40,000 insects going to collect nectar, pollen and propolis from an area up to 40 sq. km. A bee carries out some 30-40 flights a day. In this way harmful substances in the air or on plants can easily get into the nectar, pollen and propolis, and even stick on bee wings...

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