Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Honey Can Help Treat Acne

Sweet Healing from Honey and Brown Sugar
By Elle Febbo, LA Skin Care Examiner, 7/5/2009

Health experts from acne.com are now referencing Honey as a healing agent when it comes to our skin, and Brown sugar as a safe, natural cleansing agent for dermatological use…

Below are a few ways to make your natural sweeteners do a lot more for you that add to your calorie count.

1. When you feel or see a blemish starting to appear, dab on a fingertip of honey to the effected area, and cover with a band-aid before bed. By dawn, it should be gone.

2. Mix 1/8th cup honey, and 2 teaspoons of whole milk together in a dish. Cleanse face and neck with milk and honey mixture, then rinse and moisturize as usual.

3. Queen Bee Exfoliating Scrub (Available in most common kitchens):

Naturally exfoliating your skin with gentle exfoliant, such as brown sugar, will remove dead skin cells from the skins surface while delicately cleansing pores. Upon completion, skin will feel smooth, and tone will be more even…

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