Sunday, July 19, 2009

Honey Prescribed for Illnesses in Paraguay

A Better Life Through Bees in Paraguay
By Mary Cinadr, The Boston Globe, 7/15/2009

…"Tienes miel pura?" in Spanish or "Nde rerekopa eira pora?" in Guarani. Everyone wants the pure stuff, and because of rampant tampering, pure honey doesn’t last long on the market.

Four years ago, in the 22-house village of Pueblo-ra (Guarani for "pueblo to be"), farmers discovered beekeeping to be a lucrative practice that does not compete for other resources, increases crop production, aids in nutrition, and fetches a decent price in the market. Honey is valued for its nutritive qualities. Doctors prescribe honey for various illnesses, and it is found at all pharmacies. It is also sold among neighbors, on the street and in the mercado…

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