Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Infant Botulism Case Caused by Honey?

Infant Botulism: Case Report and Review
Revista chilena de infectología, 2009, vol.26, n.2, pp. 162-167

Botulism is a rare disease in Chile and of the known clinical presentation, infant botulism is the most common.

We report the case of a previously healthy seven month oíd male infant with a two weeks history of rinorrea, cough, fatigue, constipation and progressive weakness after the consumption of honey. Stool cultures were positive for Clostridium botulinum group 1 type A and electromyography was compatible with the diagnosis.

The patient evolved with arterial hypertension, interpreted as secondary to autonomic dysfunction, which responded to calcium channel blockers. Muscle tone improved progressively during the following four weeks.

Infant botulism is a potentially fatal disease; diagnosis can be difficult given the broad clinical manifestations. Prevention should focus on education of parents of infants as well as medical personnel.

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