Friday, July 10, 2009

Honey Extract Used to Treat Gingivitis, Periodontitis

Using Camelyn in Stomatology
Georgian Med News, 2009 Jun;(171):24-7 [Article in Russian]

In article are presented results of clinical study treatment of inflammatory diseases of parodentium, (gingivitis and periodontitis) with medicine Camelyn. Camelyn is local product which was (received) produced from the special sort of honey and contains biological high active products. Camelyn possesses with immunostimulation, anti- inflammatory action, activates regeneration process, has analgesic effect. 56 patients with various forms of disease, with gingivitis 25 patient, with parodontitis 31 were under clinical observation. Estimation of anti-inflammatory action of Camelyn was based on dynamics of parameters of PMA index. Index was defined before beginning of research as well at the end of observation.

Had been concluded: (in case of gingivitis and periodontitis) It is more functional to use topical-application of Camelyn. 5% ointment was used independently - separately as well in combine with other medicine. Observation has shown reduction of PMA indexes parameter in average on 1,43-time, and reduction of treatment's term on 1-2 days in comparison with control group. The received results have confirmed clinical appropriateness to use Camelyn for gingivitis, parodontitis and periodontitis in combined treatment.

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