Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Honey and Vinegar Used to Treat Arthritis

Vinegar and Honey Cured My Crippling Arthritis, Says Delighted Organist
By Daily Mail (UK), 1/8/2010

When Sarah Gall was crippled by arthritis, the powerful painkilling drugs prescribed by her doctor brought no relief.

Yet the 55-year-old church organist now claims to be completely pain-free thanks to a simple but startlingly effective cure she found in her kitchen cupboard - vinegar.

After being left in constant agony and having to give up her beloved music, Mrs Gall began taking a mixture of cider vinegar and honey four times a day…

Mrs Gall said: 'It suggested drinking cider vinegar mixed with honey and hot water. After only a week I started to feel much better. I didn't need to see the specialist any more. Eventually the arthritis had disappeared. My doctor was flabbergasted.'

Mrs Gall has written a booklet to help other sufferers.

But medics last night were cautious. Dr Binoj Nair, of the samedaydoctor clinic in Manchester, said: 'If it works for you then great. It won't work for most people. The important thing is to see your doctor.'

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