Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Propolis Helps Prevent, Cure Ulcers

Antiulcerogenic and Ulcer Healing Effects of Indian Propolis in Experimental Rat Ulcer Models

Propolis is a resinous hive product collected by worker bees from various parts of the plants. It is widely used in Indian folk medicine for the treatment of stomach ulcers.

The preventive and curative effects of Indian propolis for ulcers were evaluated using models of acute gastric lesions induced by ethanol and indomethacin in rats. Moreover, the effects of ethanolic extract of propolis on gastric content volume, total acidity and pH, using the pylorus ligated model were also evaluated.

Animals pretreated with propolis extract showed a significant reduction in lesion index in both ethanol and indomethacin induced ulcer models in a dose dependent manner when compared to the control group. Similarly, post-treatment with propolis (300 mg/kg body weight) for a period of 15 days revealed a statistically significant improvement in the ulcer healing process p <0.05.

In the pylorus ligated model, it was observed that the Indian propolis extract displayed an antisecretory activity, which led to a significant reduction in the gastric juice volume, total acidity and pH.

These findings indicate that Indian propolis displays both ulcer preventive and ulcer curative properties and provides a scientific rationale for the use of propolis in the traditional medicinal system.

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