Monday, December 12, 2005

Beekeeping Thrives in Paris

Paris is Buzzing
Peter Ford, The Christian Science Monitor, 12/12/05

When you think Paris, chances are you don't think bees. When you do, you wonder what on earth the honey Parisian bees produce might taste like: even a perfunctory sniff of the exhaust-laden air or a glance at a Parisian sidewalk raises possibilities best left unexplored. But of course, sidewalks aren't where bees browse. And Paris turns out to grow a wider range of plants than any comparably sized piece of countryside. . .

"The urban biotope is completely artificial, but a lot more varied than in the countryside," explains Jean-Jacques Schakmund├Ęs, who sells apiarists' paraphernalia, royal jelly, pollen, and honey at his shop in central Paris. "There are dozens of different species, and there is something in flower from April to October."

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