Friday, December 09, 2005

Propolis Formula Toothpaste

Global Nutraceuticals Group named Exclusive US Distributor of PhytoShield Toothpastes
2005-12-09 - Global Nutraceuticals Group

San Francisco, CA, December 1st, 2005 -- The New Zealand Natural Oral Care Company announced it has named Global Nutraceuticals Group of San Francisco, California Exclusive US Wholesale Distributor for its PhytoShield™science-based, non-flouridated toothpastes.

PhytoShield™ natural toothpastes are leading-edge, science-based formulas that naturally care for your teeth and gums. . .

Propolis formula toothpaste is a mild tasting toothpaste suitable for daily dental hygiene needs and for extra gum care or receding gums when minimum gum irritation during brushing is required. (Read More)

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