Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Study Reveals Presence of Medecines in the Production of Honey

PRO TESTE Analysed Twenty Samples of Honey
Regiao Sul (Portugal), 12/14/05

The magazine, PRO TESTE has carried out a study that has concluded that the producers of honey are continuing to use medecines, among them antibiotics and sulphonamides.

From the twenty samples of honey that were tested, six contained residues of antibiotics and/or sulphonamides, and of the three royal jellies, one contained chloranfenicol. This is an antibiotic prohibited within the European Union in the production of foods for human consumption. Some products showed remains of more than one substance

The situation is, however, better than in 2003, the year in which PRO TESTE also analysed twenty honey samples. The study at that time revealed that half contained traces of antibiotics and/or sulphonamides.

The situation relating to royal jelly is also worrying, as was announced last August. A sample of Celeiro Dieta contained an antibiotic prohibited in the European Union. . .

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