Thursday, December 01, 2005

Healing Qualities of Manuka Honey with Bee Venom

Natural Healing Qualities of Nectar Ease Honey
Herald Express (UK), 11/24/05

Patricia Hart is a qualified registered nurse, and district nurse, and after 40 years' nursing experience of heavy work with patients, she now has vast damage to her spine, which has developed into osteoarthritis. She has been in severe pain for 12 years, unable to do housework or go upstairs easily.

Two operations on her back, burning off nerve endings, resulted in the nerves growing back, so she was still in severe pain. Doctors could do nothing for her. A friend, who was also a nursing sister with the same problem, introduced Patricia to Nectar Ease Original Manuka Honey with Bee Venom.

Patricia has been taking this for several months and is now virtually pain-free. It has changed her life, and her manoeuvrability, so much that she wants to thank the producers of this marvellous honey.She has introduced many of her friends with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other muscular pains, to this remedy with great success, and is now looking forward to the future without fear of the serious deep pain that she has had for more than 12 years.

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