Friday, December 16, 2005

Entrepreneur’s Healing Cream Uses Manuka Honey

She's Got Honey of a Discovery
Clem Richardson, New York Daily News, 12/16/05

Ingrid Anderson is staking a career on the medicinal properties of honey from Down Under. . .

She found a job as a technical writer for several publishing houses. But Anderson still wanted her own business.

She found one while on a trip with a Kitakyushu classmate to New Zealand two years ago, when she was introduced to Manuka Honey, a natural honey believed to have medicinal and healing powers because it is collected from the Manuka bush, which is indigenous to certain regions of New Zealand.

Applying the research abilities honed in Japan, Anderson, who said she has often suffered from dry skin, created a healing cream, facial serum and lip balm with Manuka Honey as the main ingredient.

You can find them on her Web site,


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