Tuesday, May 29, 2007

American Beekeeper Uses Bee Venom to Treat MS

Amateur Beekeepers Abuzz with Excitement
By Chad Hunter , News-Leader (USA), 5/29/2007

At Scott Kissee's home in Ozark, two hives provide bees he uses for an alternative treatment of multiple sclerosis called "bee-venom therapy," or apitherapy. Although not scientifically proven or endorsed, the practice, according to Kissee, has been a blessing.

"When I came out of the Army, I was on heavy, heavy medication, of course my shots every day and muscle relaxers and painkillers," said Kissee, who spent months in a wheelchair following the diagnosis in 2000. "I was pretty skeptical (of bee venom therapy), but I started trying it and got off almost all my medication."

Every other day, Kissee prods 21 bees into stinging his back from the neck down.

"You catch them with the tweezers and tap the butt. They sting you every time. It's working great for me, and it's saving the taxpayers a whole lot of money on medication."…

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