Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Zealand Couple Use Honey to Heal Patients in Indian Clinic

Why Jason's Buzzing at Bay's Healing Honey
By Joel Ford, Bay of Plenty Times (New Zealand), 5/31/2007

Jason Cobb is using a little piece of the Bay to help heal sick people in one of India's poorest areas.

Mr Cobb and his wife Andrea run a health clinic and children's home in Orissa, Eastern India, where they use medical-grade manuka honey to help patients…

Comvita provides the Foundation with manuka honey used to treat patients and Mr Cobb says it is amazing how well it works on a variety of different skin ailments.

"Manuka has special properties. It kills bacteria, repairs tissues and provides the perfect healing environment," he said.

"We don't have a lot of remedies so we use it for everything - it's great."

The honey has many marvellous properties: it acts as a liquid barrier between the wound and the dressing to prevent the dressing from sticking; it provides a moist, bacteria-free environment keeps wounds moist so scarring is reduced; and studies have shown that the acidity produced by manuka honey helps stimulate minor wound healing…

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