Friday, May 04, 2007

Study: Propolis Has Radioprotective Properties

Assessment by Survival Analysis of the Radioprotective Properties of Propolis and Its Polyphenolic Compounds
Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 2007 May;30(5):946-51

The radioprotective effects of propolis and polyphenolic compounds from propolis on the radiation-induced mortality of mice exposed to 9 Gy of gamma-irradiation were studied…

All test compounds provided protection against hematopoietic death (death within 30 d after irradiation). The greatest protection was achieved with quercetin; the number of survivors at the termination of the experiment was 63%...

Treatment with test components after lethal irradiation was ineffective. These results suggest that propolis and its polyphenolic compounds given to mice before irradiation protect mice from the lethal effects of whole-body irradiation.

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