Thursday, May 03, 2007

U.S. Researcher Studies Use of Honey to Treat Diabetic Foot Ulcers

UW Study Tests Topical Honey as a Treatment for Diabetic Ulcers
University of Wisconsin (USA), 5/2/2007

The sore on Catrina Hurlburt's leg simply wouldn't heal.

Complications from a 2002 car accident left Hurlburt, a borderline diabetic, with recurring cellulitis and staph infections. One of those infections developed into a troublesome open sore that, despite the use of oral antibiotics, continued to fester for nearly eight months.

Experts believe that treating wounds with honey has tremendous potential for the approximately 200 million people in the world with diabetes, 15 percent of whom will develop an ulcer, usually because of impaired sensation in their feet.

Then Hurlburt's physician, Jennifer Eddy of UW Health's Eau Claire Family Medicine Clinic, suggested she try using topical honey.

Within a matter of months, the sore had healed completely…

With funding provided by the Wisconsin Partnership Fund for Health and the American Academy of Family Physicians Foundation, Eddy is currently conducting the first randomized, double-blind controlled trial of honey for diabetic ulcers…

"If we can prove that honey promotes healing in diabetic ulcers, we can offer new hope for many patients," says Eddy. "Not to mention the cost benefit, and the issue of bacterial resistance. The possibilities are tremendous."

To be eligible for the study, patients must be older than 18, have diabetes and a sore below their knee, and not be taking prednisone. Interested patients can call (715) 855-5683 for further information on the study or outreach opportunities.

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