Saturday, January 28, 2006

Bee Pollen Used for Back Pain

This Class is for the ‘Bees’
Robert Felton, Austin Weekly News (USA), 1/25/2006

Carl Johnson has suffered from back pain for a number of years. Nothing the 63-year-old did to try to ease his pain seemed to work.

As he was searching for something to help, he happened across an old book in his collection about Bees and how their pollen can be used to improve human’s health. Johnson took a shot, and started taking pollen.

"I read about all of the health benefits of bee pollen and about how it aids in the healing of injuries of this nature. I started taking bee pollen five years ago and now I feel as good as I ever have," said Johnson. " I certainly [don’t feel] 63 years old." . . .

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