Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Beekeeping as Manna for Nigeria

Vanguard (Nigeria), 1/31/2006

. . .Everything in a bee hive can give you money; from honey to propolis and even the bee sting that people run away from, provides good health for the bee keeper and his friends who appreciate the healing virtues of bee therapy.

Another unique feature of beekeeping is that unlike other aspects of agriculture like poultry which generate one or two products, in beekeeping you could get honey, propolis and pollen to sell. Then the good health which the beekeeper derives from the business is another reward for him. This is why I have described investment in beekeeping like investment that is close to manna. . .

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idris said...

Thats why the Beekeeping Extension Society (www.biye.beekeepers.8m.net)is looking for collaborators in Nigeria in order to take beekeeping to the Grassroot as part of poverty alleviation