Sunday, January 29, 2006

BVT Used to Reduce Symptoms of MS

Relief Outweighs Stings for Area Woman
By Jeff Martin, Morning Journal (USA), 1/28/2006

Suffering from multiple sclerosis for more than a decade, Davis uses bee venom as medicinal therapy. And since 1996, after a car accident aggravated her MS symptoms, the use of bee venom three times per week has reduced her physical afflictions such as blindness, deafness and fatigue dramatically.

While the practice may sound alien to most, the act of treating various sicknesses and maladies like arthritis, MS and other aches and pains with bee venom has ancient origins. The venom contains 18 active substances, many of which contain significant potency to abate many physical conditions.

Most prevalent is the substance melittin, an anti-inflammatory agent significantly more potent that hydrocortisol. Helping with MS symptoms are the neurotransmitters Dophamine, Norepinephrine and Seratonin.

Organizations like The American Apitherapy Society support the practice, as do local beekeepers, some of whom have appeared before local governmental bodies asking that ordinances prohibiting beekeeping be modified or, at best, dismissed entirely. . .

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