Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Medicinal Properties of Honey Recognized in Uganda

ADB Pledges $9 Million to Support Honey Sector
Daily Monitor (Uganda), 12/2/2006

The African Development (ADB) has pledged a $5 million (about Shs9 billion) grant and $4 million (Shs7.9 billion) loan to honey producers in the country to boost their production capacity. . .

Honey has a variety of recognized and clinically proven medicinal properties. Disease including diarrhea, coughs, measles, sore throats, and burns/scalds among others have and continue to be widely treated either by the application of honey alone or honey-based mixtures.

However, the national honey production in the country is, by and large, still at or below the subsistence level, and domestic consumption is generally limited to usage of honey and its products as a 'natural' medicine. . .

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