Monday, January 16, 2006

New 'Hibernation Diet' Features Use of Honey

Taste of Honey to Make Winter Diet More Palatable
By Julia Horton, The Sctosman, 1/16/2006

The bookshelves groaning under the weight of diet tomes, are about to get heavier with the arrival this month of The Hibernation Diet, which has been devised by Edinburgh pharmacist and sports nutritionist Mike McInnes and his son Stuart.

Basically it promises you can lose weight while you sleep. Oh and that you shouldn't exercise much but you should eat late and eat a lot of honey...

The Hibernation Diet, by Mike and Stuart McInnes with Maggie Stanfield, priced £7.99, is published this month by Souvenir Press.

Hibernation basics

The best time to burn fat is while you are asleep - you burn more fat sleeping than doing anything else, including exercising

• When you eat fructose, like honey, it is converted to glucose in the liver. This goes on to stabilise blood sugar levels and allows the body to activate recovery hormones which rebuild muscle and skin cells.

• Honey is the best source of fructose because it contains fructose in its natural form, in a one-to-one ratio with glucose, which is the right balance for the body to use.

• The recovery hormones are fuelled by fat, so rather than working to regulate blood sugar, when you eat honey before going to bed the body burns more fat.

• You can also increase the amount of fat you burn by doing what is known as resistance exercise.

• Instead of having to spend hours on the treadmill and in aerobics classes, this can be done with 15-minute weights sessions three times a week, according to the diet...

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