Friday, January 27, 2006

Royal Jelly Now Produced in Italy

Made in Italy: Royal Jelly, 100 Pct Guaranteed
AGI, 1/26/2006

(AGI) - Rome, Jan. 26 - The first real royal jelly that can claim "Italian Nationality", guaranteed by Mielizia and Alce Nera, is produced entirely in our country by selected beekeepers, without antibiotics. A new product, the only real royal jelly present on European territories today is that of Chinese origin, much more economic than the Italian one but also much less natural. It does not follow hygiene and conservation regulations and uses gross quantities of cloramfenicolo, a damaging antibiotic long banned in our country. To protect consumers, our law bans the presence of antibiotic residuals, even trace. Despite this, current national production of royal jelly is equal to just 3 pct of Italian consumption, estimated in 400 kilograms, that come almost totally from China. . .

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