Saturday, April 19, 2008

2nd International Conference on Medicinal Uses of Honey

When: November 10-12
Where: Lahore, Pakistan

The second international conference on Medicinal uses of Honey brings together public health professionals to encourage the exchange of scientific and public health information on widespread application of honey in challenging human diseases of present time. Recent research indicates that the therapeutic potential of honey is grossly underutilized and it is time for researcher to lift the blind off this Nature gift and give it its due recognition. The program will include plenary and panel sessions with invited world renowned speakers as well as oral and poster presentations on honey.

Following Topics will be discussed by internationally renowned speakers:

· Honey; The Natural Healer, The best medicine
· Past , Present and Future of Honey in modern medical Science
· Can Honey reduce Insulin Resistance, Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus
· Honey Dressings in Burn Patients
· Use of Honey in Diabetic Foot
· Antioxidant Properties of Honey
· Comparison of different floral Honeys with regard to MIC values against common pathogens
· Bees and Bee’s Products
· Bee Flora and its Biodiversity
· Use of Honey and Transfer Factors in Cancer and Degenerative Diseases
· Honey use as Cough Suppressant
· Honey use for Restorative Sleep
· Honey use for Cognitive performance and memory
· Honey; hope for cancer patients
· Honey as probiotics and prebiotics
· History of Honey as medicine
· Role of Honey in wound management
· Honey and recalcitrant wounds
· Are we losing fight against multi-drug-resistant microbes?
· Systemic infections and honey
· Honey as adjuvant to chemotherapy
· Honey, obesity and Diabetes
· Treating gastrointestinal disorder with Honey
· Degenerative diseases and honey
· Anxiety, sleep and honey
· Antioxidant properties of honey

Contact: Ghulam Qadir Fayyaz
Secretary Organising Committee
Associate Professor Plastic surgery
Services Institute of Medical Sciences/
Services Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan
Mobile: 0092+321+4430561
Fax: 0092+42+5164932

To submit abstract, e-mail at the following address: with heading abstract. For further information, e-mail:

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