Sunday, April 20, 2008

Honey Recommended for Childrens’ Cough

Kid Cough's Sweet Remedy
By Pauline Holt, Sunday Sun (UK), 4/20/2008

Bleary-eyed parents woken yet again by a toddler's troublesome cough may be cursing - and confused by - the decision to limit availability of over-the-counter syrups and mixtures.

But the move is welcomed by some doctors and specialists who doubt the effectiveness of cough mixtures . . . and one side effect may be a return by parents to traditional, old-fashioned home remedies such as honey and lemon…

Holistic practitioner Doctor John Briffa said: "There has been an unwelcome tendency over the years for people to seek a medical solution for every ailment no matter how minor. This is often unnecessary and we are discovering that this was not always wise."

What can you do?

Dr Paul Stillman says: "Parents can give paracetamol and ibuprofen to help reduce temperature if a child is uncomfortably hot. This can be helpful, and once a child feels cooler and better it will probably drink more, which is important. Vapour rubs and simple cough mixtures such asglycerol, honey or lemon may so othe children under two.

"Pure honey should not be given to children under one, but medicines containing it are safe as they contain a processed version…

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