Saturday, April 26, 2008

Indian Beekeepers to be Trained in Royal Jelly Production

Domestic Makeover: No Need to Import Royal Jelly Anymore
Anuradha Mascarenhas, Express India, 4/25/2008

Soon, you would be able to sample from the very fountain of youth as there will be no longer a need to import royal jelly — the stuff that queen bees produce and which has found aficionados among celebrities the world over. Arguably for the first time in the country, 2.5 lakh beekeepers will be trained in making this premium product that has had even Margaret Thatcher openly endorsing it as the secret behind her boundless energy and youthfulness.

Beekeepers will be given training on how to make this ‘queenly’ food as Pune-based Central Bee Research and Training Institute (CBRTI) has perfected the art of developing royal jelly. Researchers at the CBRTI — Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Government of India — have now devised a system that involves the management of bee colonies, grafting of larvae and storage of royal jelly.

Royal jelly that turns the queen bee into a long living super fertile animal is known for its therapeutic uses - as an anti-ageing agent, hormonal stimulant and energy enhancer and costs Rs 8000 a kg in the international market. Imported from countries like China, Taiwan and Korea this product is sold in the form of capsules and is found in various beauty products…

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