Friday, April 18, 2008

Video: Local Honey Recommended for Allergies

A Teaspoon of Honey a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?
Remedy Could Help Allergies
By Jonathan Carlson, News Channel 7 (USA), 4/15/2008

We've got a sweet remedy for the sniffling you've been doing this spring.

What if we told you, opening a jar of honey could greatly reduce allergy symptoms.

Doctors we spoke to say its true. But its got to be local honey, and from a local stand.

Dr. George Bass tells us, you take a teaspoon a day and watch it work. He has seen an increase in patients using the honey method.

Here is how it works, "The bees pollinate the local flowers. When they bring that back and make the honey, the comb, its got these different pollen and allergens in it."

You then build up a defense with the hone, so when you come in contact with the blooming outside world, you may breath easier...

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