Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Healing with Bees and Honey

Dr Diane Robertson, Jamaica Gleaner, 4/2/208

The foods made by bees in the form of honey, pollen and propolis have played an important role in sustaining animals and mankind. These foods have provided complete nourishment to maintain life on the planet.

As diligent workers, the bees gather nectar and provide mankind with about one third of our food supply by pollinating our crops. Science has discovered that bee pollen - the male cells of flowering plants - contains a concentrate of nearly all the known nutrients and is a potent healer to regenerate and rejuvenate the body.

Plant pollen is carried, by the bees, to their hives to be stored as food. The existence of the bee colony or community is something to behold, and one can't help but be fascinated by their mobilisation with mankind. In fact, from primitive times, bees would migrate with people, wherever they settled to grow crops, and build their hives.

Since antiquity honey has been used medicinally for healing and as a disinfectant. Several tablespoonfuls of the pollen, taken daily, is used for internal cleansing.

South American Indians used honey and pollen as a dressing to open wounds, and watched the healing takes place. ( Not for diabetic ulcers).

It is also believed to help, heal respiratory problems such as bronchial ailments.

Many opera singers add honey and pollen to a glass of warm milk.

It has been taken as a natural sleep tonic; four tablespoonfuls honey combined with three teaspoonfuls of apple cider and two teaspoonfuls of pollen mixed in a cup of freshly boiled water.

Honey has been known as an oriental youth elixir for the elderly; combine two tablespoonfuls of honey, two teaspoons of pollen, half-teaspoon of chopped ginseng and a bit of dried orange peel.

It had been discovered in the USSR, many years ago, that the scraps of the pollen in the hive provides the longevity of its residents; they lived to over 100 years old…

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I like your post very much related to mine. Like you I love honey. I use honey instead of any kind os sweetener.. I just love it