Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Zealand Apitherapy Firm Takes Legal Action Against 'UMF' Association

Manuka Health Takes Legal Action
Press Release: Manuka Health NZ, 4/17/2008

Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd refutes claims and takes legal action against Active Manuka Honey Association

Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd today initiated strong legal action to block what it claimed was a “unilateral and unsubstantiated move” by the Active Manuka Honey Association to terminate its membership.

Manuka Health chairman Dr Ray Thomson said the company had instructed its lawyers to challenge the termination and AMHA’s allegations.

“In recent days our lawyers have repeatedly asked AMHA to substantiate their claims,” he said. “They have declined to provide details.”

“We take this matter extremely seriously and will not allow our reputation to be harmed in this way. We strongly refute AMHA’s claims.”

Dr Thomson said Manuka Health would seek an interim injunction to prevent the membership termination and would force AMHA to provide details of its allegations…

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