Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Australia’s Only Propolis Producer Faces Deportation

Community Fights to Stop Honey Producer Being Deported
ABC Rural, 12/8/2009

The community of Young in Central West NSW is rallying to save a local honey producer who's facing deportation.

Jim Zou, who's in his early 60s, came to Australia on a temporary skilled 457 visa about six years ago.

He's invested about half a million dollars setting up a honey factory, which now exports propolis, a by-product from beehives, to China.

The mayor of Young, Stuart Freudenstein, says Mr Zou and his wife should be allowed to stay.

"We're pretty determined to keep him here," he says.

"We think he's a valuable asset to the community and to Australia in general.

"No one else in Australia produces propolis, it's a unique product…

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