Thursday, August 06, 2009

New Zealand Manuka Honey Industry Responds to Exposé

TV1 Close Up’s story on the Manuka Honey Industry
Natural Products NZ, 8/6/2009

In response to Close Up’s story on Manuka Honey that aired tonight Natural Products New Zealand wants to assure consumers that New Zealand’s main Manuka honey manufacturers are selling quality Manuka honey, true to label.

Michelle Palmer, Executive Director of Natural Products New Zealand said “As long as people are buying Manuka Honey from a respected grocery or health food store there is little chance of them not getting what they’re paying for.”

Unique Manuka Factor UMF® Manuka Honey is an existing standard for ensuring quality and the level of active Manuka developed by the Active Manuka Honey Association (AMHA). Active Manuka is known to have outstanding anti-bacterial applications and healing properties.

Close Up has reported that not all jars of Manuka honey have the level of activity stated on the label.

Ms Palmer says the fact that there is any doubt as to what is in the jar points to the need for robust and well supported industry-wide standards and an appropriate independent regulatory auditing and certification system, not just for honey but across all natural products.

“Most responsible manufacturers of Manuka Honey have quality assurance procedures to ensure the highest quality products are delivered to their domestic and export customers. It is a shame that less responsible companies are able to operate as an implied part of ‘Brand New Zealand’ this illustrates the need for the independent regulatory system the natural products industry has asked for,” says Mrs Palmer.

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