Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Zealand Firm Markets Single-Flower Honey

The Honey Lover's Friend
By ROSEMARY NORTH, The Press (New Zealand), 8/27/2009

Jeremy Friend has a mission - to introduce New Zealanders to single-flower, single-vintage, organic honey.

Kiwis love honey. But most of the time we just scoop anonymous blends out of a huge tub to smear on toast. That's all going to change if Jeremy Friend has his way.

Soon, says the owner of New Zealand Artisan Honey, which is based in Christchurch, we'll be used to hunting down a beechwood honeydew, vintage 2009, from north Canterbury, as the perfect match for a dessert of mascarpone and figs.

It's Friend's mission to introduce New Zealanders to the delights of single-flower, single-vintage, organic honey. Each jar of honey, gently filtered and stirred (slowly, for five days) at his Worcester St workshop, boasts a label stating the specific floral varietal source, the vintage and where the bees lived. Honey lovers can look up more details on the company's website

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