Monday, August 31, 2009

Cell Phone Towers Cripple Honey Bee Navigational Ability

Mobile Phone Towers a Threat to Honey Bees: Study
AFP, 8/31/2009

NEW DELHI: The electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phone towers and cellphones can pose a threat to honey bees, a study published in India has concluded.

An experiment conducted in the southern state of Kerala found that a sudden fall in the bee population was caused by towers installed across the state by cellphone companies to increase their network.

The electromagnetic waves emitted by the towers crippled the ‘navigational skills’ of the worker bees that go out to collect nectar from flowers to sustain bee colonies, said Dr. Sainuddin Pattazhy, who conducted the study, the Press Trust of India news agency reported…

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Hello! And in what distinguished peer reviewed journal was this published?