Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Partnerships Offered in Medicinal Honey Hives

Care From Some Exclusive Manuka Honey - From Your Own Beehive?
By FoodWeek Online, 8/25/2009

Active Manuka Honey has come up with a novel idea, allowing consumers the opportunity to become partners in beehive ownership.

Foodies who sign up with Your Pure Honey will, for one year, become partners in their own beehive – they collect the proceeds, while Your Pure Honey does the work.

The honey they receive in May will be collected solely from that one hive, with no blending allowed.

Your Pure Honey is the brainchild of beekeeper Darcy Beehre and his business partner Luke Foster.

“We’re trying to provide a luxury experience that’s totally unique and personal,” said Beehre.

“Normal honey is blended to provide a flavour that’s consistent, but a bit bland. However, each beehive has its own unique flavour, and because they receive the product of just one hive, each of our clients will get a rich, healthy honey that nobody else has.”

Honey lovers from all over the world can sign up at http://www.yourpurehoney.com/ where they can buy a one-year stake in a beehive – ranging from exclusive rights to a 10 per cent share – which will produce honey for them from September to May.

They will also be able to follow the progress of their bees through a personal website and will receive a DVD showing their beehive in its natural surroundings…

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