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Apimedica: Bee Venom Preparation Cures 93% of Shingles Cases (Video) - 神蜂精对中老年不同期带状疱疹的临床研究缪晓青

Apimondia Apimedica-Apiquality International Forum

Oct. 22-25, 2012
Zhenjiang, China

VIDEO: Application of Shen Fengjing Using Traditional Ox Horn Scraper
Therapeutic Effect of “Shen Fengjing” (a preparation of bee venom) on Herpes Zoster at Different Stages in Middle-Aged and Elderly People 
MIAO Xiao-qing, WU Zhen-hong, DAI Jin-yu, YANG Wen-chao, MIAO Jing
(The Apitherapy Institute of Fujian Agri. and Forestry University; Apitherapy Hospital of Fujian; State and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Natural Biotoxi , Fuzhou 350002, China)
ObjectiveTo study the therapeutic effect of “Shen Fengjing” (a preparation of bee venom) on herpes zoster at different stages in middle-aged and elderly people, and to discuss its clinical therapeutic mechanism. 
MethodsHerpes zoster at different stages, containing early stage (0 - 2 days), intermediate stage (2 - 10 days) and later stage (10 days later), which was treated with “Shen Fengjing” through scraping. The therapeutic effect was observed and its clinical therapeutic mechanism was discussed according to related pathological and pharmacological researches. 
ResultsThe cure rate for sufferers at early stage was 98.9% after treating with“Shen Fengjing” for 1 day. The swelling and pain were disappeared and no sequela existed. The cure rate for sufferers at intermediate stage was 76.9%, the constracting of herpes was slow (3 - 30 d), and the pain was distinctly relieved. The odynolysis rate for sufferers at later stage was 86.9%. The pain of nerve ending primitively disappeared after scraping with “Shen Fengjing” for 10 days. 
ConclusionsShen Fengjing” could cure herpes zoster at different stages in middle-aged and elderly people effectively, and the total effective rate reached 93.9%. The pathology analysis suggested that the therapeutic mechanism could be resulted from the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of “Shen Fengjing” and the effect of melittin, which could inhibit herper virus from adsorbing and damaging cell tissue of human body. Besides, “Shen Fengjing” could also activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, and carry away the collective metabolites and toxins, so that the nerve root pain and edema were accordingly eliminated. 

(福建农林大学蜂学学院,福建蜂疗医院,天然生物毒素国家地方联合工程实验室,福州 350002,中国)
【方 法】通过神蜂精外擦与刮疗分别对中老年人带状疱疹发病早期(发病2 d 内)、中期(210 d)与后期(10 d 后)进行临床疗效实验观察;引用相关病理药理研究成果进行分析推理。【结果】显示早期病症给药后1 d 临床治愈优良率为98.9%红肿疼痛快速消失,且没有后遗症;中期优良率为76.9%,疱疹收缩较慢(330 d,疼痛能明显减轻;后期止痛率为86.9%神蜂精疗给药10d 经末梢疼痛基本消失。
【结论】经 统计分析总有效率达93.9%满意疗效。通过病理分析认为其治疗机理可能是由于神蜂精的消炎镇痛以 及其中的melittin 具有强大的可抑制带状疱疹病毒对人体细胞组织吸附与破坏作用,同时,神蜂精还具 较强的活血化瘀作用,可促进局部血液循环,带走聚集的代谢产物与毒素,从而消除带状疱疹病毒所侵 蚀的神经根水肿疼痛。

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