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Apimedica: The Use of Bee Products in Curing Alcoholism - 蜂产品在酒精中毒治疗中的应用

Apimondia Apimedica-Apiquality International Forum
Oct. 22-25, 2012
Zhenjiang, China
Dr. Jafar Jalalifar, Hossein Ghaem Sighrchian, Somayeh Darvish, Hossein Yeganehrad, Sayed Sayedi, Dr. Hassan Rahimi, Zainab Motallbbi,
Contact:  Caspian Apiaries, New Westminster, BC, Canada, 604.338.4522,,
Twenty-two years ago, some scientific articles written in Iran claimed that certain bee products, particularly pollen, could cure alcoholism.  We gathered groups of alcoholics in Iran and Dubai, and performed an experiment using not only pollen, but different combinations of bee products and observed the results. 
One group was given a mixture of n chromosome royal jelly, a combination of different bee pollen, and honey. Two other groups were given pollen and honey; one group of 13 individuals were given pollen from higher elevations from mountainous regions, the other group, containing 12 individuals, were given pollen from farms, orchards, and forests closer to sea level. 
The group that consumed the higher elevation pollen displayed greater improvements toward recovery when compared to the pollen from lower elevations.  However the group that consumed the mixture containing n chromosome royal jelly had the most success over a small period of time, reporting an increase in personal energy levels and better mental clarity. 
Bee venom was not used in any combinations in this experiment, but has the potential to increase positive results. Testing including bee venom in combination with other bee products will be done in the near future, to determine if it can help increase the recovery rate.
*N chromosome royal jelly was been published for the first time in Apimondia 2011.  N chromosome royal jelly is a combination of worker jelly and royal jelly produced from grafted half chromosome larva.


Jafar Jalalifar1 , Hossein Ghaem Sighrchian2 , Somayeh Darvish1 , Hossein Yeganehrad1,
Sayed Sayedi1, Hassan Rahimi3, Zainab Motallbbi3 (加拿大)
(1. Caspian Apiaries, New Westminster, BC, Canada;

22 年前,伊朗有些科研论文指出某些蜂产品,特别是蜂花粉,能够治疗酒精中毒症。我们集中了来自
伊朗、迪拜的一些具有酒精中毒症状的志愿者,使用花粉和不同蜂产品的组合进行实验,观察其对酒精中 毒的治疗效果。一组志愿者服用n 染色体蜂王浆、杂花粉和蜂蜜的混合物。另有两组服用花粉和蜂蜜,其 中由13 人组成的一组服用高海拔山区来源的花粉,另有12 人组成的一组服用来自低海拔地区农场、果园 和林区来源的花粉。与低海拔来源花粉相比,高海拔来源花粉治疗效果更佳。但总的来说,服用混有n 染 色体蜂王浆混合物的小组在短时间内就表现出了最佳效果,他们的个人能量水平和神智都有改善。本实验 并没有在任何组合中添加蜂毒,但蜂毒很有可能能增强正向效果。我们拟在最近使用蜂毒同其他蜂产品的 组合进行实验,以确认其是否能帮助提高治愈率。

*N 染色体蜂王浆首次发表于2011 年的Apimondia 上,是通过在人工王台里移入半染色体幼虫(编者


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