Friday, November 23, 2012

Apimedica: Propolis May Help Treat High Blood Pressure - 蜂胶对实验性高血压大鼠的作用研究

Apimondia Apimedica-Apiquality International Forum
Oct. 22-25, 2012
Zhenjiang, China
Investigation of the Function of Propolis to Hypertension Rats
CHEN Wen-bing,ZHUO Bi-rong, MIAO Xiao-qing*
(Bee Science College of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, State and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Natural Biotoxi, Fuzhou 350002, China)
 After observing the blood pressure, heart rate, serum indexes and organ indexes of the rats which has a hypertension caused by L-NNA, the results showed that comparing with the control group, ethanol extract of propolis had obvious functions of lowering blood pressure, the level of cardiac index, MDA, Ang and ET-1 in blood serum of the rats, and had function of raising the level of heart rate, SOD and NO. It shown that ethanol extract of propolis has obvious prevention and cure functions of hypertension and related Pathological damage caused by L-NNA.
This paper also studies the curative effect of combination of ethanol extract of propolis and Captopril Group. And the result showed that the combination group had better effect than any individual of them. The mechanism and dose should be further investigated and discussed.
Key words: propolis; hypertension; functions
* Corresponding author,

(福建农林大学蜂学学院,天然生物毒素国家地方联合工程实验室,福州 350002,中国)
L-NNA 所致血压升高的大鼠给予蜂胶醇提物的治疗,观察大鼠的血压、心率、血清指标及其器官指 数。结果表明,与模型组对比,蜂胶醇提物能显著降低实验性大鼠的高血压,且使其血清中的心脏指数以 MDAAngⅡ、ET-1水平显著降低,心率、SOD NO 水平显著提高,这说明了蜂胶醇提物对L-NNA 引起的高血压及高血压引发的一些病理危害,均具有显著的预防和治疗的效果。同时,本文亦研究了蜂胶 醇提物和卡托普利组联用的疗效,结果发现联用组的效果,显著优于蜂胶醇提物组和卡托普利组。这其中 的具体机制以及使用剂量,还有待进一步的研究和探讨。

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