Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apimedica: Tendon Tenosynovitis Treated Using Bee Venom Therapy - 蜂针疗法治疗屈指肌腱腱鞘炎

Apimondia Apimedica-Apiquality International Forum

Oct. 22-25, 2012
Zhenjiang, China
Treatment of Flexor Tendon Tenosynovitis Using Bee Venom Therapy
CHEN Lin-bing, MIAO Xiao-qing*
(Apitherapy Institution of Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University, Fujian Apitherapy Hospital, Fuzhou 350002, China)
ObjectiveObservation and analysis of the curative effect of bees needle therapy on flexor tendon tenosynovitis.
MethodUsing bees needle therapy to treat 38 patients suffered flexor tendon tenosynovitis, concluding 15 male, 23 female, age between 35~66, average age 49. The course of the disease was 1~12 years, average of 6 years and treated for 1~4 times.
ResultsAll the patients accepted after treatment during the year later. Cured 32 patients, taking up 84.2%; 6 patients was effectual, taking up 15.8%. Conclusion: It’s pleased to use bees needle therapy to treat flexor tendon tenosynovitis.
*Corresponding author ,
(福建农林大学蜂疗研究所 福建蜂疗医院,福州 350002,中国)
【方法】采用蜂针疗法治疗屈指肌腱腱鞘 炎患者38例,其中男15例,女23例,年3566岁,平均49岁。病程1年~12年,平均6年。14次治疗。结果:所有病例治疗后随诊1年。治愈32例,占84.2%显效6例,占15.8%
结论】采用蜂针疗法治疗屈 指肌腱腱鞘炎疗效满意。

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