Thursday, November 29, 2012

Apimedica: Using Bee Products to Reduce Iron and Calcium Deficiencies -蜂产品用于减轻铁和钙缺乏症

Apimondia Apimedica-Apiquality International Forum
Oct. 22-25, 2012
Zhenjiang, China
Hossein Yeganehrad 1, Hassan Rahimi 2, Zainab Motallbbi 2, Abbas Mirabzadeh1, Shohreh Seyedmirza 3
(1. Caspian Apiaries, New Westminster, BC, Canada; 2.; 3. Masters Degree Of Nursing Management, The Effect of Comprehensive Nursing Care Program on Quality of Life in Pre-school Children with Hemophilia )
Iron and calcium deficiencies are common problems for the majority of the population, worldwide. This is especially true for women who have recently given birth. Consuming direct iron and calcium supplements are associated with a few problems: many consumers have experienced pain while taking iron supplements, and pure calcium is difficult for the body to absorb. The advantage of using bee products to attain these nutrients is that honey is completely absorbable by our digestive system. There is no leftover residue that cannot be absorbed. By adding calcium and iron into honey, which is then fed to and processed by the bees, it can be directly absorbed efficiently, therefore helping to maintain a good metabolism and proper health. Bees provide the advantage here, as they integrate the supplements into the honey in such a way that allows us to absorb the added nutrients much easier.
In this presentation we will discuss the result of producing fruit honey, vegetable honey, vitamin honey, mineral honey and calcium honey. All the ingredients used here are designed to help with common nutrient deficiencies. We will also discuss the method of production in colonies, to ensure the majority of what is fed to the bees will be stored as honey, which can then be extracted. There are two problems that have arisen when producing these types of honey: first, the colonies can use this extra food to supplement their brood, and store less of the desired nutrients in the honey. The second problem is that certain ingredients, especially fruit, are not easy for the bees to digest in large amounts. However a technique has been created to help the bees consume more of these difficult ingredients, without negatively affecting the hive.
Corresponding author,;
铁和钙缺乏症是世界性的常见问题,刚生育的妇女尤为严重。直接摄入铁和钙有一些问题:许多消费 者在食用过程中会伴有疼痛,而纯的钙难以被人体吸收。食用蜂产品来达到补充这些营养的优势在于蜂蜜 能被我们的消化系统完全吸收,没有无法吸收的残留物。通过在蜂蜜中添加钙和铁元素,然后饲喂给蜜蜂,它可以有效地被吸收,因此能帮助维持良好的新陈代谢和适度的健康。蜜蜂的优点就在于它们能够将这些 添加物转入其中,使我们能简便地吸收这些营养物质。在这项报告中,我们会讨论生产果蜜、蔬菜蜜、维 生素蜜、矿物质蜜和钙蜜的结果。所有使用的物质都是为了帮助常见的营养缺乏症。我们也会讨论蜂群内 产的方法,以确保大部分喂给蜜蜂的蜂蜜用于保存,这些保存的蜂蜜可用于提取。在生产这些类型的蜂 过程中,有两大问题:首先,蜂群会用这些外添的食物来供给幼虫,而将小部分我们需要的营养成分储 存到蜜蜂中。第二个问题是一些特殊的物质,特别是果蜜,蜜蜂无法大量消化。然而,帮助蜜蜂消化更多

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