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Apimedica: ‘Liver Friendly’ Diet, Healthy Lifestyle and Bee Products Can Help Detoxify Liver - 应用传统中医蜂疗原理治疗肝疾病

Apimondia Apimedica-Apiquality International Forum
Oct. 22-25, 2012
Zhenjiang, China
Apitherapy of Liver Diseases According to Traditional Chinese Medicine Rules and Principles
Stefan Stangaciu
(Apitherapy Consulting & Trading International Str Principala 106A, Mereni-Contesti, Dambovita county, Romania
The liver diseases, especially the chronic ones, are affecting millions of people worldwide. Their classical, allopathic treatment with chemical drugs proves to be, in most of the cases, inefficient. On the other hand, the Apitherapy related literature from all over the world shows that the bee products and the medicinal bee plants are important therapeutically factors that must be used.
Aims of this workTo prove that the bee products and the medicinal bee plants, selected according to the most modern standards but also according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine rules and principles (Wuxing, Yin-Yang, etc.) can improve and even cure most of the liver diseases and their complications.
Methods and materials After a detailed and complete diagnostic each patient went through a
detoxification diet and then has received individually chosen (according to the diagnostic) medicinal bee plants (to restore the normal functionality of the internal organs) and bee products, including bee venom (to help the regeneration of the liver cells). The emotional disturbances that affect mainly the functioning of the gall bladder, the stomach and the intestines have been treated through individualized psychotherapy.
ConclusionA “liver friendly” diet, a healthy life style together with well selected medicinal bee plants and bee products can help not only to detox the liver and the rest of the body, but allows and helps the restoring of the normal functions of the liver. This can happen because the bee products and the bee plants from which they originate contains enough active compounds and nutrients to help all cells, tissues, organs and systems of the patient to regenerate and function properly.

Stangaciu Stefan(罗马尼亚)
Apitherapy Consulting & Trading International
Str Principala 106A, Mereni-Contesti, Dambovita county, Romania

证实在大多数病例中没有显著疗效。另一方面,从世界各方面蜂疗相关文献信息表明,蜜蜂产品和相关药 用蜜粉植物是治疗肝脏疾病的良好选择。


粉源植物(恢复内部器官正常功能)和相关蜜蜂产品,包括蜂毒(帮助肝细胞的再生)等。并通过个性化的心 理疗法调节情绪因素,来增强病人胆囊、胃和肠道功能达到提高疗效。

以帮助肝脏和身体其他部位排毒,还有助于肝脏正常功能的恢复。这主要是因为蜜蜂产品和药用蜜粉源植 物中含有丰富的活性化合物和营养物质,帮助病人所有的细胞、组织、器官和系统再生和正常功能的恢复。

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