Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Canadian Hospital Uses Honey on Burns

RUH Burn Unit a Tribute to Teamwork
By Bob Florence, The StarPhoenix, 8/31/2009

…Honey is the active ingredient in a dressing that is applied to burns or wounds. This is special, import honey. It's made by bees that pollinate Manuka, a type of tree almost exclusive to New Zealand.

"Growing up at home, we put Manuka honey on cuts and burns all the time," said Colleen Ferguson-Smith, a native of New Zealand who is in her second year as manager of the major surgery ward at RUH.

Let's give it a go here, she said.

Shauna Elek is the clinical co-ordinator of the unit. In her office, cartons of Medihoney compete for shelf space with binders labelled Advanced Burn Life Support and Acute Burn Management and Burns Resource…

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